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Thank you for your response I really apreciate it. However, after the hydrocodone is gone I will be doing the rest cold turkey. I know how hard it will be but i have also been told by my doctor that it is overdose that will kill me before it would be withdrawal symtoms. He said you can not die from withdrawal symtoms, it just feels like you are dying. So I am hoping having that in the back of my head will help me. Although I am dreading the withdrawals it is really what i need to do. I have a friend who had shoulder surgery and went through something similar. He did stints in detox and did the methadone thing and suboxone for a good two years and then after one last relapse he went cold turkey and although he said it was awful, it was the last time for him. He was very very sick for a month or two. He had been medicated for about three years but he stopped with no meds and no detox. So I am hoping that seeing as my doc has only had me medicated for the past year or so that mine may be easier. But I doubt it. Now that I think about it my question was probably better suited for the addiction boards. I really just wanted to know if I could take the hydro so soon after the oxy but thanks for your response and God Bless.