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Hey Feel bad; I am sorry at what you are going through, I also see a PM doc for 2 back surgeries I had 2004 and the lumbar is still a problem. I take methadone 40mg/d, oxycodone 5mg-6/d, and cymbalta 90mg/d. Your PM doc from what I am told is to keep you as comfortable and functional as they can, so I am not quite in agreement with them taking you off narcotics all together, because from what you are saying,non narcotics arent going to cut it. But if he punishing you and not giving you a chance now, thats crap. Coming clean has to acount for something, and basically if he is not going to do what his job is and to keep you functional, if thats possible, then you should switch. Keep in mind though, that if you do this you get a bit of a bad rap, especially with the cheating you did, and other docs may think you are just hard drug seeking. What I would do is give it a chance with your current doc and see what his plan is exactly when you get off the patch, and if you are in so much pain that you can't function, just tell him that you were honest with him back then, and you are being honest now, and you are struggling and need to be treated fairly, see what he does, and take it from there.

Wishing you good luck and keep in touch, all of us care, I am new to the boards, so I look forward to hearing how you are doing.