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So, you were taking 2400 mgs of Oxys a day (10 - 80mg pills 3 times day)? Were you swallowing or sniffing? How long have you been at this dose? You're right, that is a lot. I've heard of others at such high doses and not to sugar coat anything, your withdrawls will be bad. Have you started to feel the withdrawls set in? It has been 2 days since you last dosed?

Try to get a few methadone pills. Take a couple 10mg pills when the withdrawls start and that will help get you through a day or 2. Then, after a couple days, when the worse starts, others have used valium to help with sleep and to help sort of numb the mind to what is happening for a few days. Quinine pills for restless legs, liquid immodium AD (this is a godsend - otc opiad that doesn't cross the blood / brain barrier so you don't get high but it mimmicks what opiads do to your system in some ways and it does bring some relief).

You might have to take a few days off. Remember your heroin detox and plan for the same. Oxys and all of the opiad based devils are the same thing, only the pils are not illegal black tar. They all affect your system the same way.
Have you ever considered MMT as an option??I got started on my rollercoaster ride from hell with pills as a result of a back injury..I had a compression fracture that I went back to work WAY to soon after(like a couple days)because I couldnt afford to miss work followed by 2 ruptured disks where my back was already compromised..I went through years of fighting with insurance company to cover this and that procedure that could have made the pain more bearable.All the while I was fighting and waiting I was given massive amounts of pain killers..One thing led to the other and before long my life was tumbling out of control and I was a mess..I went through the normal detox-rehab route several times but each time I got out the pain and god awful depression got me everytime and I would be right back to where I started....Like I said I went through several(4 to be exact)rehab-detox centers without much success beyond the days sober I acquired while a patient when someone told me about MMT.By the time I started it here a couple years ago I was SOO sick and tired of being sick and tired.I was also at the point that I thought I was hopeless.I literally thought that there was NOTHING at all that would help me get free of this stuff...With the pain pills I was a person noone liked even myself.I would do just about anything to get the pills..Without them life wasnt bearable I just couldnt tolerate the physical and emotional pain..When I first started I was skeptical I didnt really know anything about methadone or the way it worked.I knew I had seen a couple of people that it truly worked for and I had seen others that it didnt seem to work at all for(I now know it wasnt the methadone that wasnt working for them it was them that wasnt working for the methadone).I decided what the heck and started..I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life...As a person that has addiction problems AND chronic pain problems it works wonderful for me on a double fold...The methadone has comepletly taken away my desire to use other meds and taking it along with an 800mg dose of ibuprofen a couple times a day allow me to deal with my pain on a bearable level..If you have chronic pain issues as well as addiction issues then MMT could be a good option for you..I am have been back to work for the last 2.5yrs in my trained profession..I went from at the point of losing everything and not having anything worth much money wise left to lose that the pawn shop didnt have to making $20/hr and living my life as it was meant to be lived..My kids have their mom back,my husband has his wife and my mom and dad have their daughter..Life is good and I am living it to my fullest...Good luck...I am pulling for you...