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I am starting day 6 as well. As of last Tuesday (1/2/07) at 8 am (did 2 - 10mg methadone), I have had no opiates after a 3 1/2 year battle. For the past several months, up until New Years Day, my habit was atleast 80 to 160mg a day of sniffing oxys or 30 to 40mgs of Methadone when no oxys were to be had. Haven't had a drop of alcohol since last Monday (7 days, which is like a record for me over the past several years). Valium, Liquid Loperamide (Immodium AD) and quinine for restless arms and legs is all I have taken. Lots of water, teas, healthy foods when I could eat, rest, activity (Yard work) when I had the energy and a positive attitude. I feel like an expert at withdrawl and DT symptoms. I have tried so many times, I have lost count. This time, with the medicines that I listed, I have slept fairly well every night since stopping and I have had no restless legs or arms, which is always the worst for me. Don't get me wrong, the malaise, sense of doom, depression, emotional uncontrollability, soreness was all there at some level but not like it has been in the past (the valium perhaps helped that). I think I have found a farily good medicine regime that does help significantly when trying to kick opiates.

At night, before bed, take 1 valium, 1 - 275mg quinine pill and 4 to 6mg of Immodium AD, liquid is 10 times better than the pills. Atleast it is working for me.

For me, I took one valium at night before bed, 1 - 275mg Quinine Sulphate pill and a dose full of liquid Immodium AD. And, I can tell you, for me, it is the best medicine combination that I have tried in 3 1/2 years of struggle. I used to get restless legs and arms so bad that I would lay awake for hours, punching myself in the arms and legs, doing pushups at 3:00am, staring in the mirror practically in tears saying to myself, "This is a living hell". In fact, the restless arms have been my biggest fear everytime I have tried to kick. They are literally almost unbearable and if I could always remember what those times were like, I will be disgusted everytime I think about a Hydro or an Oxy or a Methadone pill. BUt, with the Quinine, I have had no RLS or RAS. Today, at 8:00am, will be a full 7 days clean. I am not saying it will work for everyone but it has worked for me. 1 valium, 1 quinine and liquid immodium AD. Herbal Teas, healthy small quantities of fresh fish and veggies and a strong desire. I am feeling better and better everyday. Literally, a veil is lifting and I can actually and physically sense and feel the change. It's like, I can remember what this was like before I started experimenting and falling into this terrible game full force 3 1/2 years ago.

Last night, I went to bed after only drinking a cup of chamomile herbal tea and I slept great. No valium, no quinine in a couple nights, no loperamide (immodium).

This is working for me but for those of you who have been in the game for a while, maybe a different combination would work for you. Everyone is different.

Good luck to all.