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Hi to all:wave: I love an addict and need help. My brother has been on methadone for a few years now. Prior to this he was shooting oxycontin among a few other choice drugs. It seems this downward spiral happened so fast. When we were younger it was all in fun and I never thought he would end up this way. He continues to go to a methadone clinic, on a daily basis. He is also prescribed xanex (*sp), using crystal meth. and any other drugs he comes across. I'm confused as to how a Dr. could allow this, but that's another story. My question to you is...How can I help him??I have found myself staying away from him as much as possible. In the beginning, I fought with him about his lifestyle. Then , I told him that I love him, everytime i saw him. This is from the fear that he will die soon and i don't want my last conversation to be an ugly one. He lost his job a few months ago. He looks absolutely terrible, weight loss and sores on his face. He doesn't leave his home often. So every so often I take him food. He has "friends" that are in and out of his home constantly. My mom checks in on him every day so, I don't feel obligated to. Any advice will help. Thanks