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Hello Alll,
Im new to this board , but its very nice that there are so many people willing to support each other. I look foward to being there for others when I get through my own stuff :). So I've been clean for a little more than 24 hours, and its already starting to get rough. Im detoxing from heroin, and in the last month I started mainlining it, which I'm sure is gonna make the next days/weeks even worse than it otherwise would have been (not that it was gonna be a stroll through the park either way, as many of you know opiates make for a very vengeful demon, when you stop giving it the attention that it never deserved). I don't want to go to meetings, simply because around here it seems to be more of a glorified convention for dealers than anything else (Im in a bad area, Im not in any way denegrating meetings, they have saved the lives of many people close to me, and are a god send as far as Im concerned, its just very important to find the right one, and the right sponsor ect..). I have a vague idea of whats to come as Ive been to this general area before, though ofcourse, not to this exact location and just as I dread the pain I accept it as the price I need to pay to get back to life, which is by itself more wonderous than any drug. To those of you that have been clean for a while I hope this serves to remind you of the reasons that you kicked this awful habit. Well one of many reasons that is, being so attached to something , is just old and tedious to say the least. Anyways I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to give me some advice on how to get through the next few days , of the real physical pain. I have no help in the form of methadone, but Ive always been skeptical of that in any case, but it would be nice to have some help , if even for the next three days --but I'll survive without it. Besides I'll keep this pain clear in my mind , so that I remember clearly the consequences of my bad decisions. But if anyone could give me some advice, as to maybe some vitamins, or something that can help me through these days , it would be much appreciated. But either way, just being able to write this , and read other peoples posts is unexplainably helpful and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for that