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I posted this as a reply to someone elses post but thought it might help those who are struggling with opiate withdrawl.

For me, I took one valium at night before bed, 1 - 275mg Quinine Sulphate pill and a dose full of liquid Immodium AD (Liquid is better than the pills for sure). And, I can tell you, for me, it is the best medicine combination that I have tried in 3 1/2 years of struggle. I used to get restless legs and arms so bad that I would lay awake for hours, punching myself in the arms and legs, doing pushups at 3:00am, staring in the mirror practically in tears saying to myself, "This is a living hell". In fact, the restless arms have been my biggest fear everytime I have tried to kick. They are literally almost unbearable and if I could always remember what those times were like, I will be disgusted everytime I think about a Hydro or an Oxy or a Methadone pill. BUt, with the Quinine, I have had no RLS or RAS. Today, at 8:00am, will be a full 7 days clean. I am not saying it will work for everyone but it has worked for me. 1 valium, 1 quinine and liquid immodium AD. Herbal Teas, healthy small quantities of fresh fish and veggies and a strong desire. I am feeling better and better everyday. Literally, a veil is lifting and I can actually and physically sense and feel the change. It's like, I can remember what this was like before I started experimenting and falling into this terrible game full force 3 1/2 years ago.

Do a search on here for Immodium AD or Lopermide and read what others have said. Do a search on the web also if you want to know more but the active ingredient in Immodium AD. It is Lopermide and I have read where people have said that Lopermide is kind of like an over the counter opiate that is the only 'legal' opiate you can buy off the shelf. It doesn't cross the blood / brain barrier so you don't get high but it does take away some of the DT symptoms associaited with opiate DTs. I can tell you that from experience. Liquid is better but the 2mg tablets will do, if you take 4 to 6 of them at a time during the worst of your DTs.

Last night, I went to bed after only drinking a cup of chamomile herbal tea and I slept great. No valium, no quinine in a couple nights, no loperamide (immodium).

This is working for me but for those of you who have been in the game for a while, maybe a different combination would work for you. Everyone is different.

This is just a suggestion. Check with your doctor before you take any of these combinations and don't take them unless your doctor says it is alright. Some people might be allergic to Quinine so be safe. In fact, the FDA has put out warnings against taking Quinine for leg cramps at all because of some pretty serious risks. I have read where the risks outweigh the benefits. But, it worked for me.

Just do your own research, seek knowledge, consult the pros because a pro, I am not, for sure. I'm just one of you; us, this band of brothers in this battle to be free of our monkeys and demons (Ladies, you are included in 'Band of Brothers' as well. Its just an expression :-)

Good luck to all.