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I have been off vicoden and valium for about a month now. I know all people arent alike but if i were you I would make a doc appointment quickly. it isn't safe to go off all those meds at one time. But I would make my husband go with me to the doc. Let the doc explain the danger of going off all those meds at one time.

Even though I was taken off of the vicoden and valium. I was put on colonazepam to help with withdraw, I will eventually be tapered off of this. I've taken zoloft for many years to and the dosage was upped on it. I also take a beta blocker for rapid heart beat/panic attacks.
You might consider going as inpatient to help control the meds. I went inpatient years ago to get off xanax. I swore at that time i'd never let another doc give me "nerve" meds. When my dad was dying, i gave into taking valium. that was in 2001. the vicoden was a way of the doctor masking a blockage in the colon being I dont have insurance, he wouldn't get to the root of the pain. He also had my mom on methadone. she is almost a month clean from it. Needless to say he IS NOT our doctor any longer.

Being I am Bipolar, some meds are needed to keep me at a even level. There was a time I had my husband go to the doctor with me and the doc explained what it was like "the best he could" to live with being bipolar. I think your husband needs to be educated where you and your medical needs are concerned.

I am happy to say, i have more energy, my eyes are brighter, and i am doing well. December was not so great going off the meds but Im glad now that I did. best of luck to you. Please get to your doc and explain what and why you flushed your meds.