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[QUOTE=kandr73;2736997]Ive been reading someof the posts on here and I wanted to give you a little bakcground that may help somebody. I was 17 when I met my first husband, did alot of drinking and smoking pot. After I met him he turned me on to crank and coke. We spent the first three years partying it up, until I had my daughter then I started to grow up a little, although I stilled used until I made him leave. He was the one with the addictive personality. I had always been able to quit anything at anytime and had done it everytime I got pregnate. I made him leave in JUne of 97. I thought maybe he would straighton up, if he really loved me and our two kids. He did jail time, and eventually put a needle in his veins(crank) I was working fuu=ll time and started using again to help meet out daily quota. You wouldnt even want to know the name of the company, one of the biggest in US.

I met my new hubby Oct 98 and we moved in together 2 weeks later. He has been a godsend. I at that time sustained a injury and started taking pain meds, I know nig mistake. And have ever since, althou I quit twicw while pregnate. My ex was in and out of troble for the longest time, didnt see his kids for like 4 years. Then he cleaned up.

He went into a treatment program. He started coming around alot. Staying the night to see his kids. He became my husbands best friend and mine. I could actually have him in my life sober. Although there was no attraction there anymore. He got done with treatment had 3 years clean, became a drug and alchol state certified counsler. Then he went out with this girl. fell for her and started using again. A month later he was kicked out of jis sisters house, and living with us. Two months later he was murdered by a homeless guy, over a bottle of brandy. We have been devastated. So believe me I know all about addiction. I just thought this may help the ones that are on here, this is what can happen. LAst time I saw him was on Friday night and I told him he had to stop usinf or he was go\nna ghave to leave our house. The kids started back to school that coming monday. He said that Sunday would be his last day. He died Sunday morning at 1:00AM, on my birthday. August the 13th. We were notified first, I had to tell the kids. My little ones loved him as much as my older ones, he was like their uncle.

The funny thing is Ive been clean off street drugs for almost 9 years. And wouldnt do them if you made me. but I get the vicoidin from the dr, for pain so it must me alrgiht. LIfe SUcks!!!!!!

Hi! I was going to comment on the last part of your post about how the pain meds that your doctor gives you are a script so their probably okay?!Well before I started to post a reply I went to your profile to maybe send you a message.I saw the other posts you wrote.I didn't go to the spot where they are actually posted and I didn't read the whole post as they don't show them in their entirety so I don't know what dates they are for.You say you have gone a week without Vic's ?Hooray!!!The first thing I was going to say before I read your other posts was Oh no just 'cause your doctor gave them to you doesn't mean they are okay.That's how I went down my self made road to hell.I was on Oxycontin prescribed by my doctor.Many years later and many trips to in-patient rehabs I'm finally clean.I had to turn to methadone to do it but I feel like it's a fair trade.I know I'm now addicted to the methadone but it's a more worthwhile addiction.(is that possible?!)I can go to work ,parent effectivly(mostly and what I'm not doing is on me not the methadone):p I now pay my rent and other bills,buy food,get up and leave for work every day instead of being sick and so many other important life style changes.I too,could kick drugs while pregnant ,until opiates.The hell those pain pills put me through was unbelievable.I'm so graterfull to my doctor for introducing me to my clinic.One day I will taper down from the methadone.I can see a wonderful future for me and my kids where 2 years ago I saw nothing but hell.Keep up with your recovery it's so worth it.Also so sorry about your ex.Addiction does take things that are irreplaceable to us so much.I'm lucky that the things I have lost have been material.Well,with the exception of time with my kids and pieces of my life I will never get back.It's important to remember that you have to go forward not back.Mistakes are to be learned from.I thank god for my second chance at life!!!!:angel: Happy hugs from:Alive again!!!