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im used to playing music and getting high and playing games on my pc.then i want to stop.well im stared on 4th day with out anything no methadone no anything. im not gonna replace one with another,i am prescribed xanex for my nerves.i have the army to thank for that .but i would never take it back.my point is that i can never stop taking those even though im stoping the oxycottin.from the war im very edgy the doc says post tramatic war syndrome.but they dont bother me and i dont abuse them.this place with people like amy and reachout to care about a person they have never meet.let's me know thers still people in the world that care and that's who i was fighting for that's why iwent for people like my mom that would give a starnger the shirt off her back.and for me to find so much care in a place like the internet let's me know it's really my time to quit.because i couldn't do it with out you guy's. my mother doesnt know how far gone i was and i can tell her because she is not well.it would only make worry and she doesn't need that.im only 25 year's old i have a girlfriend, we just had a baby boy she know's and id trying to help but is pre ocupied by the baby, 7month's old lol he is a handful.i think that i been tacking these pills to numb a pain they could not.the pain of losing 2 people that were very close to me.my cousin shot in the head right in front of me in iraq.and a childhood freind ran over buy a semi on a 4 wheeler.they just got me high and i didn't think about my problem's as much.and i ened up in this hellish life style. iwas up to 4 oc 80 a day abusing them.i was very bad.but think you guys for care in the most unprobble place. isn't life crazy.love guy's and i hope for the best for everyone.when life comes at your hard always remember that it could always be much worse. P.S. IM SORRY FOR RAMMBLING IM VERY SICK AND CANT SLEEP. SO IM ON HERE LOL.