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hello I am new to this board also but am a long time somewhat normal 53 year old male who went through the same thing It seems cruel but some doctors are more worried about thier standing with the dea than the welfare of thier patients ive seen it many times whith other people I know getting off hydrocodone and benzos at the same time is very difficult and I dont think I would recomend her trying this at home the success rate is very low somewhere below 1 percent I ended up haveing to go to a methadone clinic and I wasnt to keen on being labeled a addict but my wife pointed me in that direction and even though I went kicking and screaming I went . and after I started the treatment I was glad that I did. its not what people make it out to be and I must say I dont think I would be here to day if it wasnt for the nurses and docs the support and the methadone from the clinic . so if she is having some real problems which im sure she is I whoud give it a try . It cant hurt