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Hey Eric and your Ma!
I just got home from taking my son who is 10 on spring break. It was heaven. i love my boy so much, and wanted to let you guys know that while i was loving every minute of it, I hope we can be tight forever. My son is so sweet, and loving, and his momma can do no wrong, [except for cussing] and i hope he will feel that way forever.
I thought about you guys while we were doing things from swimming, to just enjoying a hot dog at the game, and lying in the hotel room being pigs enjoying room service and movies. Even the wrangling of getting him in the tub for a scrub down, was filled with fun and laughter.
I know, Eric, that you are hanging tough, and your ma, is still there loving you to death, Dont worry, Eric. Drugs take so much from us and our loved ones, and all of this time that you are spending getting back to yourself is just a bump in the road. It may seem like a heap of S**T in the road that us huge, but you are doing great.
I wanted to let y'all know that I thought about you while I was with my lil one, and I wish you guys all the best, and while there will be ups and downs, you have a lot of ppl pulling for you that dont even have a clue who you are.
I will share just quickly a story about myself...I was prescribed Ritalin for ADHD by a dumb *SS quack, and it nearly killed me, and I had to go to rehab to get off of it. It was only a detox program for a week, and if you knew my profession, youd just croak. BUT, it can happen to anyone.
There was a guy there who was about 25 and hed been on heroin for quite a long time. He couldnt even get up and get to the meeting that they make you go to, he was so ill. this facility wasnt even capable to take care of him, because they didnt offer him methadone, or anything but a kick in the teeth every chance they got. I got to know him only from the times we got to visit when he wasnt absolutely dying from the w/ds. I dont know why but I know that if he would have gotten a decent chance, he may have made it out of there. His whole life he was thrown away. Long story short, they didnt even help him, and gave him a bus ticket to who knows where and 50.00, and sent him on his way. I got d/c about 3 days after he was, and was told that he went to the station and did a speedball and died in the bathroom. It broke my heart...He only had a dad somewhere, and no one cared at all. He died on a icky nasty bathroom floor, in a train station. It made me so sick that they just gave up on him and basically threw him out like a piece of garbage.
I want you to make it, Eric, we all do that are here following your story, and I hope you dont mind me sharing my story. I got out of there, and havent ever been diagnosed anything from any other doc. this guy nearly cost me my life.

Oh, also, alternative ways are great for meds and antidepressants, but you may need may need more. The alternative way may not be enough for you with all of the things that have been going on. Even though ppl post about having bad reactions, ect, there are still a million more that will tell you that they couldnt live without them. Please keep the door open.
Think about this...ppl that suffer from depression that have NEVER ever had any chemical drug use, ect use them every day. Eric, you probably will most likely benefit from a pharmacutical med, just because your body has been thru so much more. Id not be afraid. I think that an antidepressant would be worth a shot. I hope you dont mind me adding my two cents. Overcoming any addiction is just horrible, and you need all of the help you can get.
Let me know how you are doing guys! Sorry this is SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Eric, i hope youll post sometime. We sure do think alot of you and your mom!~:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
erics ma, If he has asked for your help first that maens he trusts you an second it maens he is tired an done.I can only speak for me but methadone has worked for me an I have tryed it all.Tar is a especally evil withdraw.all methadone clinics are set up as confidental(sorry bad speller).As a mom of 17 yr old an 24 month old our kids when hurting we want to fix it quick.I found as a addict i wanted my problem to go away quick. so I hope everything falls into place as quick as god intented.I an new with a computer an to message boards but I want to say i hope everything works out for your son an you.I all gets better with time an hard work. good luck.:angel: