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Hi i have been on tramadol (ultram) for a year now for chronic pain and i would say the proffesionals are unaware of the addictive nature of this drug. I'm a recovering person myself and i was on 4 a day off my doctor but only took 2 (100ml), a year later I'm on 400ml (slow release) a day also take dihydrocodeine 60ml for breakthrough non of this rids me completly of pain, just makes life a little more bearable, if im not doing my meetings and using all resources of NA my using can spiral out of control, one other thing when i use above prescribed dose i have had fits (convulsions) four times last year and get scarey twitches and jerks when i'm in bed at night. dur to my history of heroin and methadone use my consultant is reluctant to give me morpheine or fentanyl so unless you need it i'd stay away, no more safer than opiods in my expiriene!!!