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I hear you Tracy, I know you are trying your hardest but its to tempting to have such easy access to the " good " pills, I mean this is an addicts dream to have them at your disposal like you do ESPECIALLY OXYCONTIN, I am wondering if you chew or snort them or do you swallow them??? you say your taking 120mgs a day so I am just curious.

I REALLY think Sub is the answer hear, since your mom won't lock the pills up and if she does you find the key, there really isn't much incentive to quit so if you did get on either methadone or sub, the pills would do nothing for you as far as your buzz goes.

Have you thought about checking out the methadone clinic? It might be a good idea for you to look into it.

Have you gone to the SUB web site and put in your zip code? you said you live rura in a small townl, you could also try calling them to see if they have a DR in your area that perhaps isnt listed on there web site? Just a thought. I would love for you to succeed but the odds are not in your favor having that access to the pills at your disposal., not to mention your mom doesn't seem to mind you sharing them.. I am so sorry for the situation your in, your such a good person and my heart truly goes out to you. I can REALLY relate to you and your situation as I have to tried to quit long ago and would snoop around for my hubbies pills and would often find them. He would get so mad at me and I felt like such a thief and a looser BUT I still helped myself he now locks them up safe and sound along with my pills for chronic pain I can't be trusted either but I can't live in pain every day so this works for me. so I am no angel here myself and I am not down on you at all, just trying to help you with some idea's on how to get clean..... your in my thoughts and I would love to help in any way That I can...
Take care, SS