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Hi there! I just found this web site and need lots and lots of help!! I finally found a Doctor that would prescribe me Suboxone, I've been on it for about 2 weeks and before that my ex-boyfriend was sharing his with me. I don't know much about this drug and the doctor I seen didn't have very much time to spend with me, so I am still hanging here wondering what is going on! He prescribed me 16mg a day. Is this a lot?? He told me that whatever I do I can't get high because it is some kind of blocker, but other people told me this is not true. I also heard this is much much easier to get off of that methadone, is this true? And should I be on this forever or what? I have so many questions, I don't really even know where to start!
I hope that there is someone here that knows about this and can please help me!!
Trying to be Sober:confused: