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Hello Again Davey

I posted a reply to you yesterday and have been watching for a response. Buddy, where are you?

You know, I went back and reread this thread in its entirety. I am scared for you. If you could reread the whole thread yourself, you could see in black and white that you are progressing downward and have got to find a way to halt this progression.

The taking naps at work, the rolling down of the window to help snap you to attention? Oh, Davey, these are things that happened to me and I did not understand the true cause. I kept thinking it was all the new meds I had been given after a heart attack two years ago. While they might have been a contributing factor, the biggest culprit in the total breakdown I suffered was oxycodone. And the breakdown was so totally complete that I had to retire from work. It looks like you are heading down the exact same path. And my experience tells me that if you don't get some really solid help, and now, you are getting closer and clsoer to a total meltdown and saying goodbye to your job.

I don't know if you can take a leave of absence or medical leave, but I fear that if you do not get help soon, you are going to lose your job either because you are going to fall into a severe depression and will not be able to work like me or you are going to get fired because of poor perfromance.

I know you worry about telling your wife, you say you can not go to the chemist everyday (I assume you mean for methadone or subutex??). Friend, either the tough decisions are going to have to made now to do these things or, sadly, I fear you are headed for a total breakdown, a drug induced heart attack, or worse.

Keep reading here and posting, Davey. I sense that you desperately want to take the needed measures and are looking for the courage to do it. The reading and posting can help a lot in helping us to came to a decision, but, ultimately, it comes down to you taking control of your life bafore there is no life left to take control of.

Do it, Davey!