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I know that when you have an addiction you need to quit on your own but I need to find some way to help my mom. My mom has been in pain management for over 4 years because of back problems. I'm so scared she is going to OD and I don't know what to do. My mom takes methadone, percocet, vicodin, xanax, and when she can get her hands on it oxy. Today I found out that she was looking for something stronger because her meds are helping the pain. She was taking xanax (3 at a time) all the time and she gets that from her doctor but her and I have the same doctor and I told them she was abusing xanax and they will no longer give them to her. She doesn't know I told them but at least now she doesn't have a supply of those ( I think). My mom gets so high and she says she needs to because of the pain and she was taking the xanax because her brother died suddenly of an overdose 2 months ago and on top of that my dad her husband of 29 years had 2 heart attacks 2 weeks after her brother died and was in the Critical Care Unit for awhile. I have offered to go to meetings with her but she will not go. She was kicked off of pain management from another doctor and then this new doctor made her go through rehab, which she only went because that was the only way they would let her back into the pain management program again. I'm so scared she will overdose like my uncle (oh she also will smoke pot to stop the pain). My mom gets so high that she has called me on her cell phone from stores and I have had to drive around to find what store she is at because I don't want her driving. Sorry this is so long, but I just need help. I thought about calling her Pain Management doctor now but what happens if they kick her off and she can never get the pills she needs. I know she is really in pain because she will cry and lay on the floor for days and vomit because of the pain and she wont go to the hospital because they will find all this crap in her system and then kick her out of the program. Please does anyone have any suggestions???? Thank :confused: you:confused: :confused:
I feel your pain. It is so hard to watch someone you love hurt themselves. I am sure my daughter is addicted to pain meds. Methadone, oxicotin, etc.... She falls asleep in the middle of conversations and standing up. she always has an excuse for her tiredness. I worry she will overdose. We removed her children because she won't clean and sleeps all the time. I wish there was an easy answer for us. I wish there was a simple fix to this problem. I pray for strength for the both of us.