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Absolutely - many think that suboxone is the cure to opiate addiction. But suboxone is just another opiate!

Similarly people thought morphine was the cure to opium addiction. Later, people thought heroin was the cure for morphine addiction! Now people think methadone is the cure for heroin addiction. The cycle never ends until it is BROKEN and you get clean and sober.

Best of luck to you withdrawls suck. Hang in there!
For the comments regarding maintenance or detox (Sub & Methadone), we should understand it’s an individual decision. Those drugs are medication designed for either. For some it’s a ball and chain, for others it’s a saving grace. There is no right or wrong in either choice. The only time there may be a problem is in a relationship where both people do not feel the same way. Otherwise it's really 'to each his own'. And remember, there are MDs (and sometimes much needed counseling) involved. Different than an illicit self medicating addiciton.