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Hi LIZZY....For that cool buzzzzzz.....what are we giving up in return?? A possible withdrawal, which is almost enevitable. An unhealthy body..And believe me, our personalitys do change as we get deeper into our addiction.

I started as a recreational user of codeine. It took me to the vicodins, and Loritabs, and finally to methadone....Most addicts, look for a better high after they become resistant to the last pain med. I ended up taking 60 Norco a day, I was a freekin mess...I wasnt Patti anymore, I became a desperate drug fiend...I was able to call in all the scripts I needed, due to my job in the medical field. The mental withdrawals were the worst part of the with draw for me. It took years to get past all of that.

I plead with you to think about the whole picture,play the whole tape, and most of us can tell you the finish is usually the same, pain, low self esteem, shame..etc. and regret!! I hope this helps you, in your decision to keep searching for more drugs.... Good luck, Ill be prayin for you.