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I wanted to post my story. I am not a newcomer by any means, and I was at one point on these boards 2 to 3 times a day. I had 35 days sober and off the norcos and I was doing sooooo good. My husband and me are addicted to pills only his drug of choice is methadone and mine is norcos. They truely are the devil, and this time is it I am never going back again. I was doing so good but my husband was not and he was still tapering and I was in control and I just could not control his taper and stay sober at the same time!!! It did not work and I fell right back into the evil pattern. I have been using for 3 months now and I am so disgusted with myself and rather then whine and cry about it I am doing something about it. My husband and me are quitting together this time AGAIN! But we both are on the same page this time and we both are sooo determined to get through the sickness and stay sober together for good. This board is the only place I can come and be open and honest. In this 3 month period I started counseling and WOW, what a help but she does not understand the pill addiction what so ever. The people on this board are the only ones that truly understand this depression, sickness and craving you feel when you are coming off the pills. I know this is it for me and it is going to be rough and I have to start all over again and the payoff is going to be priceless. I hope some of my old friends on this board can reconize my story and let know they are still here. The people on this board are sooo kind and reach out so much and I just want to say thank you. Well I have rambled enough.:wave:
hey i feel for ya guys, i remeber coming off methadone, it was the worst withdrawal ive had, the pain in my legs hurt for months, i sweat, **** and puked for weeks, and then the battle mentally went on for years.. (not to make u worry of course :s)i would never go back to methadone. Ive relapsed myself, and also new here, i feel for you i really do, i to must face a withdrawal again, but im on subutex but i have no doubt its just as evil as any opiatate :( and i dont feel ready or strong enough to detox fully yet