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Hey Reach,
Yea I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I honestly feel smarter than the doctors. After all the research i've done, and I'm sure all of you have too...I feel like I should be my own doctor now. All the "real" one's do is get us addicted to one substance after another. I'm not knocking addiction recovery programs with methadone or something similar, but they just seem to be a trade off to me...trade one poison for another..you know? After my doctor got me addicted to vicodin I really will never trust another one again. There is simply no way to justify giving a 19 year old (at the time) a script for 30 vicodin with many refills to treat depression!! (at the time)...no way. So yea your frustration is definitely understood. Medical doctors nowadays should be audited by the DEA every month. All they look for is the easy cash from the pharmaceutical companie when they prescribe us things we don't even need 80% of the time. Only in America!