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I take pain medicine too, I was just curious. I am taking methadone 5mg every 4 hours and I my doc just gave me 10 mg of oxy twice a day along with the methadone. I am really scared to take the oxy which I havent taken any yet. I have built up such a tolerance to the methadone that it doesn't work anymore. I have had back surgery and it was a botch surgery. I need another one and I am fighting with my insurance to cover it. I have had back problem since I was 20 and now Im 25. I have leg pain aswell and I am also taking Lyrica. Its for nerve pain in my legs. Is that the only meds that you have taken or did you go through a whole mess of them before you found lortab? Do you go to a pain clinic or is it your actual doctor? If I were you I would ask you doc for a lower dose or something like vicadon something not so strong. Thats a though call, I know what you are going through. I know my body is addicted but I dont know if I want to start taking this drug along with another and become more addicted. Keep me informed. The pain is excruciating.