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Steve4444, Well if you are lookin to get of of vics you must be doing an amount that prompts you to call out for help, so the amount you are doin is probably up there.Iwill tell you that it is not an easy road and a road not traveled by many for very long, flat out it`s tough...SUBOXONE seems to be the help that we all get to and it has helped me greatly but it is almost like changing seats on the titanic. First, do you have insurance that would cover you going to a detox program for seven days or so? If not can you get to a sub doctor. I believe in the in-house detox program with methadone , because once you walk out that door the pain is over.But with sub you will have to down dose very sloooooowly over along period of time and in the end you will still suffer some WD`S. Steve hit me back and fill me in on whats up with you and we can get down to the nitty-gritty. PEACE.FITZ.