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Hey Tat so glad you are back.
I have been going through a rough time and I too wish I could reply to some of those who need support. I have a bum hand, my dominant one so after typing one post, it pretty much is useless to me. I never realized how much I took for granted the ability to write and type.
Anyway I hate to say I wish I could cancel christmas too. I'm not sure if my aunt and cousin will drunk when they are here, well my cousing probably won't be but will go out afterwards. He already has a felony and suspended driver's license. He's on probation but doesn't seem to want help. He says and I totally believe him that he is more depressed than anything. They, my aunt and mom, disagree, they think he just needs to stop drinking and smoking pot so much. Talk about sweeping it under the rug!!!!
Anyway, my aunt just relapsed the day I went to the ER. She probably will die from alcohol. She claims to not mind the withdrawals since she knows they only last 72 hours. She is truly nuts. She always comes out with a "plan" my mom buys into it. And well the rest is history.
So my christmas eve will be here at my house, my hand doc can't get me in until the 26th. So I may be in pain I may not be, my aunt may be drunk, either way it will be walking on egg shells. My mom will act like nothing is wrong except the fact that I"M NOT CLEAN AND DONE WITH THE TAPER.
SO Tat I'm with ya.
I know you said that your doc prescribed methadone, is it because of the liver? I know some docs change prescripts if it will be long term. I just thought that the meds you were on were safe for the liver. Why did he put you on methadone? DOn't you have go to the pharmacy or doc's office every week to get that? what a bummer if you don't have gas.
Please keep us posted, I don't mean to commiserate with misery. I wish we back to our cheery selves. I wish I could make things all better for you but as we all know nothing happens in a day, or a month that will have lasting effects.
Gotta go my hand is starting to throb.
Mary Pat