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Im definatly at my lowest and do not know what to do. Drugs for me became a problem at about 16...I did them here and there at a younger age but my first addiction was at 16...I became addicted to Oxycontin. I come from a very good family...had a normal childhood. Everyone that knows me tells me they dont understand all this. Im very smart and really could have gone somewhere if drugs hadnt ruined me. Im very nice and attractive and am now 20 years old living with my parents. I switched from Oxycontin to Methadone (cheaper) and am still addicted to those. My biggest problem however started about a year ago...I tried crack for the first time and have been smoking it ever since....I thought oxycontin was expensive. Crack is cheap but you just keep doing it and keep doing it and it really catches up financially....I dont know why I cant stay away from drugs. I cant get off Methadones b/c I cant go through withdrawals....its horrible. I just do not know what to do at all....Im out of thoughts. Has anyone been in a situation like this....if so please give me tips on how you made it through it. If anyone has negative comments like "If u wanted to quit you would" please dont post them. Im looking for help, not to be put down....anything is helpful!
I have to agree with Yoss and Jules. You are still young and people your age do experiment with drugs. It sounds like you are an addict though. First you should realize this and ask yourself honestly if you are ready to and want to stop. What avenues have you already tried? Do you have a doctor besides the one who prescribes methadone? If your friends don't understand then that says something there. You must be doing way more than you think. There is no easy way to stop. In fact withdrawals come with the territory no matter which way you go.
I would suggest you talk to your methadone doctor, tell him/her everything. Write it down if you need to and hand them the paper. That way when you get there you don't have time to change your mind. It is very scarey to admit you have a problem and know that deep down you must quit. My mind played so many tricks on me. I used to say ok, next time I'll tell them, or but I don't know how to live without it. The first thing I did was tell the doctor I trusted the most.
I was never or have never done crack, it's always been opiates. First vicodan, then fentanyl, which I guess is stronger than morphine. I had neck surgery in April which gave me more reason to stay on the medicine. But there is now nothing really medically wrong with me to be on this medicine. Do I have pain, yeah. Is it something other people might just deal with normally, probably. I just posted about my trip to the ER yesterday where they offered me pain medicine and I said no.
I would suggest to you, search inside of yourself, ask yourself if you truly want to stop for you. Are you really happy trying to find a fix and living with the ups and downs of getting high and having it wear off only to wait for the next high?
If you no longer want to live this way, open up to someone who can support you, go with you to the doctor so you can be sure that you get it all out. It is scarey. Sometime in your life you will have to stop. If you don't stop anything can happen and I'm not talking about good things.
If it is really bad, you said you are 20 so I'm assuming you can still be on your parents insurance policy. I would hope that your parents would rather see you getting help then living the way you are. They probably know more than you think.
Think about those questions, keep posting here, it is a great source of support. We all have different journeys. Different ways of getting off the drugs. But we all want to get better. It has been a great place for me to share personal stuff as to why I use, whining about withdrawals or panic attacks. We all go through it.
Please let us know how you are doing. It may take a while for you to come to decision, but you truly have to want it first. I hope I helped little.