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you sound a million times stronger already!! self empowerment is an incredible thing. keep it up (it sounds like you have every intention of doing just that!)

my addiction was Heroin (i have also done a fair bit of crack also) - ive been clean of heroin for about a year now - i went on a methadone programme (which is like a death sentence in the UK - as no one EVER comes off methadone over here!!). i stopped taking methadone on november 11th this year. i had 1 slip up about a month ago - i hated every minute of it, the taste, the feeling - so it kind of reaffirmed my reasons to stay clean anyway! - im starting to feel a million times better now. i put my wife and my 3 yr old son first - for so long i lived a lie.
thats all past now tho. :)

post back here as much as you feel necessary - for 1 thing i do know is that there is very little support out there for partners/spouses. stay positive and try not to let this affect your pregnancy (easy for me to say!) as i said before - you sound like your on the right track (just dont listen to anymore BS)

take care & hang in there


keep on keepin on