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Alas, what fears await us when we have to use tough love! My wife's parents lost a son to suicide after a psychiatrist told them to use a little tough love. They are not responsible for his actions: he did the dirty deed. But, the devestation and "What ifs?..." that he left behind crippled his parents for life.

I don't think that telling him he has to leave home is the right thing to do. My parents used a more gentle nudge tactic. They did it by making a rule that I had to pay for rent and food. I wasn't ready to leave, so I did it for a while. It didn't take long though...

Is he working? Is that an option? You have some really tough choices here. What about the cost of the sub? Is it so expensive that methadone is a more reasonable choice?

I'll tell you, if I could find out who his friend was, I would call him and ask him why in the *ell he gave my son a narcotic. That would rattle his cage a little. He knows from NA (and deep down in his heart) that it is not right.

God bless,

hi jules.

It sounds like you can read your son like a book (I'm not totally surprised). You know when he is using, you are sensitive to his moods, and you probably know more about his depression than anybody (capt sure seems to be good at it, though).

Tell me, was he a happy boy when growing up? Did he show any of the warning signs of his current state of mental illness? (I quess we all have a bit of that going on, even if it doesn't show) The reason I asks these questions is I think that you KNOW if the mental condition is opiate induced or genetic. Maybe it doesn't matter. What is really important is a treatment. However, my educated guess is that if this kid was OK before the drugs, he will be OK again, given enough time without any meds at all. He most certainly might need antidepressants or something to help him throgh the shaky part of detox and recovery. But a natural state might be the goal (drug free).

I can speak only for myself. Antidepressants were needed for a time after my detox from opiates, but the natural state, the joy I had drug free as a child and an adult, was the end result. When you are naturally happy (in my case), any kind of drug, including antidepressants, will make you feel "not quite right" and will rob you of joy.

I tossed the idea of sub and methadone around for awhile. When I called my mom and told her, she said, "If you can't handle it, do what you must." I even made an appointment to see an addiction doctor. But, what she said, and, I might add, my doctor said ("You can take this, be a man and sweat it out") changed my mind. I am VERY glad that it did. I cancelled both appointments, but I was close to ANOTHER addiction. Some will not make it; it is a gigantic hurdle.

He might be close as well. If he can slap this demon down one more time, it might be enough to carry him into recovery. At 21, this smart *** kid needs someone to slap the *hit out of him (just kidding).

Good luck and my prayers are with you,