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Thank you for answering my post. This is the information, in detail that I needed to hear. I seem to have so many answers/advice for other desperate addicts but can't apply them to my unique situtation. I know that herion and oxycotin are tough drugs to detox from and would warrant something like suboxone/subatex, but would you think that an addict (me) that has not been able to complete a detox (phase 1) would warrant sub. I am consuming doses of 5 doses of norco and soma daily. 5 doses of 5 norco (total: 25 -10/325) and 5 doses of 3 soma's (15) with the norco daily. This has been everyday since around dec/2006. In short form: I have a long history of abuse to opiates that stems back from around 1991. At first a loritab habit that progressed, then got on methadone mmt for 8 years. In 2006 had a rapid detox done (wassimen method), which was a tough cookie I might add and after a tragic event I gave my short-lived clean time away. My addiction, once again, progressed again to where I am today. The continuous use of these opiates has caused me some health issues ( throat and stomach lineing errosion, weight loss etc.) Not sure how sub would play a factor in this situtation. Anyway I appreciate your reply and anything else you might think of, in the future. I have to come up with a plan soon, one way or another.
Thanks Again!