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hey g8tr,

great to hear you're right down with the taper!! i knew you could do it!!!:) i hope life is treating you well and that you had a great xmas and new year - i hope you got everything you asked/wished for (tho i notice theres been no mention of a certain Mr Tebow moving in with you so far!). At the moment im still doing fine - 2 months tomorrow of methadone - and feeling great now. i've also quit smoking (10 days) which is kind of harder than quitting heroin really?!! On top of this i am trying to eat 'healthily' - so im not exactly great fun to be around a t the moment.
keep up the good work - your boy will be so proud of you soon

take care.

Hey Med!

Nice to hear that the demon cravings didnt overcome you - 2.5 months - way to go. nice 1 amigo. keep it up (as i know you will) - im gonna start those crunches you mentioned a few posts ago (with some mild running/cycling) - now that im feeling more 'normal' ;)
hope you had a great xmas and new year mate

also take care


keep on keepin on
yo g8tr! yo badboy tat! ;)

hope you're both fine and well and living the good life?!

im 24 days without nicotine and 2.5 months without methadone. im running/jogging every 2nd day and taking multi vits and eating my 5 fruit and veg a day.

now where did i put that halo?? ;)

whooda thunk it?

take care all - type to you soon :)

ps - not heard from mk 4 a while? probably kicking it with stephen hawkings and chewing the rag over some serious maths ;)


ps - its 'Burns Night' remembering the Scottish poet 'Robert Burns' - so raise a glass and toast a great man

"Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o' the pudding-race!"

mon the haggis!
mon the neeps!
mon the irn bru!
LOL.. Reach, you have just been such a wonderful poster of encouragement and advice on this board, I was just honored for you to post.. :) And I know that you've never deliberately not posted right to me.. your posts usually address everyone.. and it's usually all that we need to hear.. you've encouraged me more than you will ever know. The post you did about what happens now after all the tapers and the meds are gone.. was just it. I'm hitting the 2mg part of the suboxone, so now I need other things to occupy the rest of my time so I don't think about things so hard. It was so confusing to me when I first started coming off of the methadone as to why I didn't want to go home and be around my husband and boys... but it took a while for me to realize it's because I didn't know how to act around them without it!! It's been a transition that I'm still in.. but I just remember feeling so scared and guilty because I didn't want to go home! Least to say I'm glad to be past that part of it.. I think I'm equaling out now.. realizing I'll be okay without taking a pill every day..

Guess I needed to vent today.. :) Thanks for everyone that listens..

Ems, I so know what you mean, and you don't realize how strong you are! Mine is not even 5 minutes away.. but right now I don't even have the craving.. Now Friday was a very stressful day, and my back was hurting me.. It was tempting then. But my Mom (God bless her soul) just fixed me a warm bath with music and candles and let me chill. That helped a lot. She still struggles and she's been clean for over 10 years. Right now she's having back and hip pain and trying to stay out of the pill grip as well. I feel for her because I know that she's in pain, but "once an addict, always an addict.." I think I remember Reach saying that she had to take pain medicine for a reason after her recovery and she did fine with it. I can only hope that if I come to be in that situation that I will do the same.. :) EMS, keep in touch every now and again.. I love to hear from you!!!

YOSS - my buddy.. hope all is still going well with you.. fill me in.. need some daily stats.. ;)

Talk to you all soon!
go gators!