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Hi Black....No, this does not sound like normal opiate behavior to me....Usually it's the other way around with emotional stuff....when you are high everything is fine, in your mind, and we tend to stay in bad relationships and pretend they are ok... other than opiate use does greatly reduce sexual desire after time. 3 days isn't going to be much of a detox either...In fact withdrawls normally peak on the 3rd day, so unless he is being put on a maintenace drug, like methadone or suboxone, he probably will be even more grumpy when he returns. There are so many variables though...maybe he was grumpy because he couldn't get enough opiates to feel good, but it sounds to me like he's fallen out of love...I'm sorry. Maybe it's time for some tough love...leave him and tell him if he gets his act together and gets some real help to call you...I can pretty much guarantee a 3 day detox isn't going to do it. Opiate recovery is a looong process with a pretty low success rate. To be honest, you're probably better off without him. The old him is probably long gone.

I hope he proves me wrong, for your sake.