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How can I be there for him emotionally, (at his time of need), which is now...............when the mere mention of his name/situation he is in, leaves me 100% emotionally battered and bruised?
He is at his lowest point he's ever been his whole life, emotionally, physically, mentally. The doctor has stopped the methadone, so he is in withdrawal. Do moments of introspection happen at this phase? I'm not even sure whether what I have called detachment from him over the last 6 years at least, has actually meant that or whether it's more a case of I've shut myself off/put that wall up/avoided him because I'm not sure what it is I am dealing with, just drugs or drugs and a personality disorder. So all my thoughts conflict each other eg - depression. Is he truly depressed? If the answer is yes, then I would be there for him in an instance, but if the answer is no, not really, he is merely trying a new tactic on me to evoke pity, (as others are no longer taken in by what he say), then my actions would be different. Every single part of his life - I see two options and I sway to and fro and to and fro......................There don't seem to be any answers.