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I can relate so well. I think many of us can and that's how we got in so deep....Those first few detoxes I bounced back from in 1 months time and felt totally fine again....then a few months would go by and I would say "hey that wasn't so bad, maybe I can control it this time, lol. I think it's a learning experience, getting addicted on the different levels and then quitting for good....or not.

Your comment, "It is obvious that I have altered myself to the degree that I don't know how long it will take to feel "normal" again." is pretty correct. It's hard to say how long it will be, but I think those relapses really messed us up! Keep doing what you are...exercising, eating right, trying to keep your stress level down...all those things....and keeping yourself busy with something, anything. Force that exercise as much as you can. It will get better, but keep in mind any opiates that enter your brain in the next several months are going to just drive it crazy and be a setback, so just hang on and be glad you're still able to quit on your own...you're close to being to the point that maybe the next time, you won't have it in you to do it on your own and will need sub or methadone or something, and then you're really screwed, basically.
you can do this,,,,you're doing great. I think the fact you made it 10 days on your own shows you will bounce back relatively quickly.
Congrats on 10 days....that is outstanding :D:D The next time you think about using, play the whole thing through in your head first and remember where it will take you...play the tape forward i like to say...where is this slip going to take me, from my previous experience's?

Feel better soon...you should start to have some good days, and I'll bet by months end you'll be a different person...if you don't use. I have faith in you and it is a new year...make it a great one!!