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I would be almost willing to bet that everyone in here has been in your shoes.

I too have quit for abou a month, cold turkey.. as hard as it was then i did the same thing as you did and thought, "hey i feel good today! you know what will make me feel a little better? some methadone or someoxys.. i quit before no problem, i can control it."

yea right.. that's the slippery slope from hell if there ever was one.
everyone i talk to that quits, then goes back using ends up doin 3 times more pills then they were before you quit.

I will be praying for you and I too am about 7 days clean and its getting easier and easier.

everyone is different in there recovery process and alot of people go through big depressions after they get over an obstacle like alot of us are facing right now and have faced.

So just hang in there and know you're tough and know that you wont let a substance beat you.

Ya know, us humans can be reallly gooood at bouncing back after tragedies.

I hope everything works out for you!