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hi dry

1st of all - you're making the righr decision mate - as the right day to taper never comes. im not familiar with the pills you're on but i know that its a pretty high dosage. and with opiates - its only a matter of time before things go 'the shape of the pear'. it sounds like you value your job - and the money that goes with it - this will obviously motivate you in your reduction - so keep it in mind when you hear that monkey on your back start to whisper. i'd also like to ask - does your wife know? - if not then you should maybe think about telling her - as your future may depend on it. i tried to keep my heroin habit from my wife, continually lieing to her - thats what kills a relationship - the lies - not the drug, its the deceit that comes with it. after all - if you trulyt want to get clean then in a few months time your gonna have to tell her something as you eventually come off the sub. just my opinion tho mate - but trust me - i've been through it - and it DOES help when your partner knows.
im not too familiar with subutex - i spent a couple of months on it, and it helped keep me away from smack (which cant be bad) its also supposedly easier to withdraw from than methadone - so i think it might suit you - if getting clean is what you want to do. the best advice though will always come from a doctor - so good luck with that appointment amigo. until then - hang in there, the life you want back is within reach. just keep on keepin on.

keep us all posted as to how you are getting on.

hey ron - have a search through these boards - you'll find a wealth of info from a great deal of people who have all been there - or if there is something specific you want to know then just post a new thread mate - we're all here to help support and give advice.

take care


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(damn it ! Reach has manged to post better advice while i was still typing!! - she's good, and fast - i'll give her that ;) )