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Hi Mano
Your story really moved me. Please give na another try. Being an addict isnt really a bad thing. You could be addicted to coffee or sugar and still be an addict. I went to AA about 11 years ago. I had a really bad drinking problem and also did lots of coke and pills too. I had to say I was an alcoholic in front of everyone and that to me, was an uglier word that addict. Addict was cool, alcoholic sounded old and lush like--sloppy. AA gave me the best life ever-- I was the happiest I have ever been in my whole life when I was going to AA--then I relapsed on pills- and never went back. After I detox off sub I plan on going to aa or na. You have to remember that those people arent there because things were going well in their lives. They probably hit a worse bottom than you can imagine. They only want to help you. They dont think they are any better than you and you being there, is actually helping them so much. Dont worry what anybody thinks. You are there for yourself. Just listen, take what you want out of the meetings and leave the rest. Thats what I was told and it worked. And nobody is judging you. They all have compassion and can relate to you. I had a friend who has hep c and was a heroin addict, then went on methadone and detoxed off that with vodka and pot, then went to aa and he is the happiest and healthiest Ive ever seen him. He is in his 50's now too. His hep c doenst show up anymore. Ive met some of the coolest people at AA -- a couple stars and stuff that ended up being really nice. There are some people I didnt like too. Some real wack jobs!! haha-- Just give it a chance-- if its not for you, then we find something else-- as long as you try-- I wish I was down to a crumb of sub like you-- ackkkk-- im finally at 3mgs--but i hate it-- i want off now!!! take good care! rozetat2