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Hi myhearthurts: sorry that it does.:(

A common theme that you will find in these addiction threads is to tell the truth. As hard as it is, start with your doctor, or better yet, invite your boyfriend to the doctor's office, and tell on yourself. Most pain management docs know about addiction and tolerance and can explain it to your bf better than you can.

The longer that you are on these meds, the more you will need (you know about tolerance). And you are definitely showing the warning signs of addiction. With your back the way it is, opiates may have to be used (can you tell us what is going on in there, please?). Methadone, as bad as it is, is often used for long term pain management and addiction problems. Your doctor can help you make that decision. Oxycodone is SO bad for addicts, imho.

God bless and stay strong,

thanks for the reply,
I asked him to go to the doctor with me but he he has to go to a meeting that he cant get out of. I have Carpal Tunnel, 3 bad disks in my neck and nerve damage from my neck down and my sciatic (sp) nerve, arthritis and swelling in my hands (with etreme burning), feet and knees. I tried methadone in combination with soma and low doses of oxycodone over a year ago and it made me reckless. When I took it I felt like I couldnt die or nothing could hurt me. When I told my old dr that, he discontinued ALL the meds i was on and was going to bakeract me (just cause I didnt want to be on methadone).. I dont know if I should tell my dr after this apt (next month tell him) so I have a RX to taper or not... If he ends up giving me the RX I will taper. I WONT take the whole perscription. I just dont know what to say to who and when to say it....I already started in a program and will be going to NA meetings too..