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so i had it today with myself.
I made an appointment with my doctor. I even started to cry when they told me I couldn't be seen till next month. I begged them to get me in sooner so they made an appt for me for tomorrow at 3:30. I can't wait to go.
I told the nurse I spoke to on the phone today that I heard alot of good things about Suboxine. I only hope they don't think i'm trying to get it to sell it or something.

My main question on this post is, how well did suboxin work for you? Does it work immediately? How did you feel when you took your first dose?
Did you crave opiates after your first dose of sub? What were your most common side effects? Would you recomment sub?

How about methadone? isn't that another drug that helps with an opiate addiction? which is better; meth or sub?

I just want opinions so I know what to excpect on my first visit.

What kinds of things did the doctor want to know when you first went to confess your addiction and ask for help?

I'm nervous and excited. I've come to realize I can't do this on my own, i need medical help. I really want to stop.

I just don't know what to expect after this.

I really hope things get better soon. I hope today will be the last perc i take for the rest of my life.

also, i have a little boy at home. Am I in jepordy of loosing my son or will my doctor call DSS or something because i've been on "drugs"?

please please please respond and give me the best you know, i'm really nervous and excited and have no idea what to expect.
A lot of poeple call sub the miracle drug. About 24 hours of withdrawals and bang, gone with your first dose of sub. It takes a few days to stabilize (you will feel weird) but you will be happy with the result. It has a downside; the withdrawals when you are ready to detox are horrible.

Methadone is similar but works better for pain. It's cheaper, but is as hard or harder to detox from as well.

Good luck, my friend. Sub is your first step. It buys recovery time.:)