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hi jessica

i think you might be confusing 'methylenedioxy' with methadone. methylenedioxy is part of MDMA which is sometimes classed as ecstasy, methadone is a man made opiate analgesic painkiller which is also used to wean people off heroin. dont worry - its an easy mistake to make.

the problem with doings 'E's is that is reduces the bodys seratonin levels (which make us naturally happy) and the person may become depressed after a lot of ecstacy use. the only person who can really help her is 'herself'. although you are obviously a great person and a very dedicated friend to post asking for this kind of help in the first place - and that is the best that you can do - keep being yourself - be there for her. does she know what she's getting into? is she educated on the 'do's & donts' when using ecstacy?

i hope this helps

keep us posted as to how you and your friend are doing.

i wish you luck - and take care