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Winnie, how was your pain prior to taking the norco on a steady basis? You say you only took it during bad times, but then you progressed to daily usage due to increased pain. Did you abuse the meds during that period, or did you take them as prescribed? One extra one here or there when you are really hurtin' and don't have breakthrough meds isn't abuse either. I'm new here, though not new to this subject. I don't know you, but just from reading this thread, I had to ask you these questions so I can further understand the dynamics of your situation. I am also a pain patient, so I do empathize with you. And remember, just because you get sick if you run out doesn't make you an addict. You may be, yes, but with just that to go on, the only thing it definitively says is you are dependent on your medication. My mother takes methadone (after too many percocet and she couldn't take oxycontin either because it jammed her up) every day, as prescribed, for her pain. She isn't an addict, either. She never runs out early. But, she has to take her meds on a regular schedule. Her pain never lets up anyway, so she has to take it on a regular schedule for that reason. But, if she didn't hurt all of the time, she would still have to take her meds so as not to get sick. Unfortunately, that's the trade off. There are many people who can take their meds as prescribed and do so, every day. If they were to be separated from their meds, from whatever, they would get sick. They aren't addicts. They are dependent on their meds. It's a state of being the body undertakes when one is exposed to opioids for a long period (or maybe not so long) of time. It's the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, our pain and tolerance progresses to the point where we have to take our meds on an around the clock type of schedule. Many people couldn't sleep if they didn't take their meds that way.