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im here and kickin,my fellow addicts.im always here,checkin in everyday but just not postin much right now.my postin on the boards is kinda like the way women are in my life.sometimes ill have two or three "feel good friends" and sometimes go for two or three months with no women.it comes in spurts so to speak.yea,i post in spurts to.sometimes alot for awhile then dead for awhile.does that make sense,i dont know if it does or not:confused:

no really i do check in everyday but dont post for some reason unknown to me.i guess i just get tired of typin the same ole thing over and over again.been typin the same things for 5yrs here so it kinda gets like a routine after a while.no im not sayin you all bore me,im sayin im just to lazy to post most of the time.i'll hit a "spurt" before long and you will get tired of seein my name at the top of the page.

update on me-down to 18mgs of suboxone from 20mgs.been back on sub for third time now since march 07.tryin to get down as low as possible then go real slow if i can.for some reason the sub doesnt effect me like it did the last two times i was on it.not as satisfied with it for some reason.i think it is because the first two times i was on sub i was usin mostly hydros-oxys all have short half life.this time around i was usin methadone for two yrs prior to gettin on sub this time.methdone is stronger than sub and its like the sub hasnt really overcame the methadone the way it did with hydro and oxy.i dont really know,just take it day by day for right now.

thanks for askin bout me,beginning to wonder if anybody cared anymore lol.thanks people for the kind words and im glad you ALL are doin ok with your addictions.never give up the fight,words of the philster,a good friend in cyberspace.had many convos with him on here and other boards.good luck-spark