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Hey Jules, I hope everything is going good for you as much as it can. I can relate to your sons problems, and even your problems as a parent because of what I put my parents through..Heroin addiction, their second son who they wanted so bad and couldn't have for 7 years after my brother was born was now doing one of the worst things possible. Enough about me, I just wanted to say that anything you can do for your son is all obviously limited, the most important thing in my opinion is not to bring your son down by telling him anything bad, instead uplift his spirits and make him feel like everything is fine and nothing is lost, see I never had anyone to tell me any of these things when I went through quitting, and I've quit heroin cold turkey, right now I'm going through some pretty rough methadone withdrawals and once again cold turkey and once again on my own, to me I think this is actually the best way and the reason is once you feel that bad it will make you never do the same again. All people are different, I have a very strong mind and will and I've always had to push myself and have done it, if there are other problems involved which are mental the case can be way different, besides most people can't do this on their own, we're talking a 1 out of 10 success rate. My advice would be be to try and control this suboxen use, that is really not a way out, its just a substitute, but it only becomes that if you abuse it just like anything else, there is a way to use these to quit and then stop using them to be sober, for opiate withdrawals I would try and use the subs for anywhere between 2 - 3 weeks and start coming off of them, the main problem is its all a drug and whenever you stop taking drugs you want to take drugs, then other problems come in which are both physical and mental and if your not strong enough or if you don't want it bad enough its going to continue and you will always give in to the temptations. My last words of advice would be, don't make your son feel too good here, because as you know anything thats real easy to do always has a great chance of happening again, if you know what I mean? make him feel what he has done, while helping him to overcome it but don't help him to continue it, take it easy and I hope everything works out for you, my prayers are always there with you and your son, I can only wish you all the best.
Hi, i'd just like to say don't give up hope,
I've been a heroin addict for years(recovering now) but when i think what i put my family through well my mum mostly, well i hate what i've done to her over the years. She done everything she could to help me, not always the right thing as she was sometimes thinking she was helping by giving me money coz i'd be crying with withdrawals etc. but to cut a very long story short, in the end it was tough love that really helped, one day she just couldn't take any more and totally cut herself off from me and wouldn't give me anything and told my brother who's in the army about what was happening (which i'd always asked her not to do) only to protect myself from the humilliation and dissapointment etc, anyway, once she'd done all this and i eventually hit bottom that i really then wanted to turn my life round, i've now been on my Methadone script for two years and am doing really well so i just wanted to say don't give up. xx