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My Husband has been clean (so he says) for over a week now. I have a question he says last Sat was the last time he did anything but he didnt start having any withdrawels untill Friday is that normal? We went Sat & got alot of the stuff on the home detox list. He really only had bad body jerks & dirr. The reason I ask if it is normal to go almost a week without any withdrawels is this is it if he doesnt stay clean & stop lying to me it is over. He is on Xanex, lorcet, Oxy, Coke, Methadone pretty much anything he can get I know he has smoked Meth some in the last few months. I cant take his out of controlness with the drugs this has been going on for 2 or 3 years now. I get pissed over money or him coming home f**ked up around our kids & he does good for a week or two then it is back to the same ole song & dance. Sorry I dont mean to ramble I was just needing some input on the withdrawels because right now I am ready to let him go if he cant do what he needs to for his family & I dont know how long I can be that strong so if he is lying I want to know now.
Sorry Half - but someone's pullin yer leg. =\ IMHO - there's nooooo way w/d's will take almost a week to come on. NO WAY. In some cases - like with Methadone use, I have seen/heard of them taking 2 or 3 days to come on - because of it being synthetic etc....but I'd hafta say there's NO WAY it would take almost a week. I see you said he did do some Meth - but sstill, if it were ONLY Meth, maybe 2-3 days tops.... I could be wrong here - that HAS happened every once in a while...lol....but I'm thinking you're getting the wool pulled over.....

Good luck to you friend.... Stick around and post - we're all here for you and will be here to help in any way possible.

God bless.