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Hi everyone. I have seemed to of developed a dependency to opiates. I can't take hydrocodones because I have to take soooo many to get high. I have been taking around 320mg of oxy cotnin's and if they're not around, methadone and saboxin (sp?). I inject the oc's and the methadones. Anyways. I have been on them for around a year now and need to get off. My friends have offered me support. They can see how it's ruining me. I can see it as well. I have a full week off from college this up coming week (from feb 16 - feb 24). Do you think this would be long enough to get passed the withdrawal? I know after the physical part there will be the mental. I quit smoking cigarettes on the fifth of february. Should I start them up again if things get to stress full or should i just go back to the opiates? I have had a previous problem with crack-cocaine. I went to rehab twice for it. Rehab this time isn't an option. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Tomorrow will be my second day clean. Today was pretty bad. Lot's of crying and all that jazz. Some minor stomach pains. Will this get worse? Wish me luck everyone! This isn't the first time i tried quiting these either. This time I'm really serious about it though.