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Hi Everyone, I signed up the other day and am finally getting involved.
I was addicted to all pain pills for a few years and knew through experience how bad the w/d's can be. To help me get off of the pills I went to methodone. I was on that for about a year and a half and to help me get off that I went to suboxone. I have now been on subs for about 8 months and have been trying to get off by tapering down for the last month.
I was on 16 mg's when I started and am now down to about 2 to 3 mg's a day for a week now. When I wake up it takes about 2 to 3mg just to ease the pain and get me going. I feel ok throughout the day but as the evening comes so do the w/d. I'm trying to get off so I don't take any more. I figure if I feel crappy and act crappy it may as well be when I'm in bed.
My question is "does claunadine help?" I did have a Dr. prescribe it to me a long time ago for w/d but he didn't seem too sure. He even asked me what I thought he should do so needless to say I never got it filled. I stayed on pills until I found the methadone clinic. 8 months ago I switched to the subs.
I have more questions and hopefully some advice but I'm new to this whole thing and want to see how this works. Best of luck to everyone and I'm so glad I found a place I can talk to people that I can relate to. Let me know what you think.:D