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Hi Songbird,
I'm so sorry that you have to endure the painful thing called addiction. Not only is it difficult for a person to have an addiction problem, but it's even more difficult to see your loved one be in a full blown addiction because you can't do a darn thing to help them until he's ready to seek help.

You CAN"T force a person to do something they don't want to do. it will make you sick and depressed if you involve yourself like this. I know it's hard to try and seperate yourself from trying to be directly involved. I'm having a hard time explaining my thought to you.
the more I yelled at my husband's drinking problem, the more miserable I became and it didn't help the situation at all. he wouldn't budge. so I had to mentally distance myself from his addiction. it's hard to do, but for self preservation you will have to force yourself to do it. otherwise, you'll lose your mind.
the only way he can be forced into a rehab hospital is if two psychiatrist's both agree he is in harm to himself or harm to others. THEN he could be admitted without his approval.

I think every state has a help line number that they can call to get help. someone to give you advice for the specific problem your going through. look in your local phone book in the front or the special pages that has the government and state numbers.

either he wakes up and agree's he is physically addicted to these pain pills, just like everyone else is in this world who becomes addicted and never even thought they would. I've seen perfectly normal people who never had an addiction problem before, become addicted to the pain meds they're put on for back problems or an accident they had.
I myself am an addict and haven't abused drugs now for 8 years. I went to a methadone clinic to get help. alot of people are against going on it and alot of people stigmatize the types of people who are on methadone. if taken properly and not abused, it will help save a persons life. it did mine.
it helps get the person thru the difficult time of detoxing off the drug they became dependent on. then they have to slowly come down off the methadone because the body becomes dependent on that drug.
but at least they're not in the risk of killing themselves if they were still abusing the prescription drugs.

I have met SO MANY people there who are trying to get off pain pills who became addicted to presciption medication that their doctors gave them for their chronic pain.

it's very common and a good percentage of the population who are them eventually wind up having a difficult time stopping them because they're so addictive., they feel it gives them energy to function normally.
that last statement I just said is only in the persons mind though.
they feel so horrible physically without the medicine because of withdrawal symptoms so they don't have the energy they need to do daily things, so when they DO take the medicine they begin to feel better, which leads them to believe the medicine is what's making them feel normal again and giving them energy again. which it's not really.
that's because the body is getting it's fix and the person doesn't suffer the withdrawals is why they feel better. that's the pattern of addiction.

what gets me so angry is that a good percentage of the doctors who prescribe such lethal high dosages of combined pain killers KNOW the patient may become dependent on them.
The person if fine at first, following the directions when to take the medicine, then they find that they need higher dosages to actually work anymore for them, so they start taking more to work, which in turn is starting to cause a bon fire to happen, because before you know it, the person finds the need to need more and more of the drug.
the fact he's taking so many different forms of pain killers could very well kill him. he can over dose and he's lucky he hasn't.
what happens is that the drug slows down his breathing enough where he won't wake up.

I would call his doctor who prescribed the medicine to him and let him know what's going on. the doctor will then step in and offer the help that is needed to get him off the pills. he needs to get help! it's dangerous for him to just stop it himself. he needs to be supervised by a staff of medical people.

his addiction doesn't mean he doesnt love you and the children. so by telling him that you're going to leave him if he doesn't stop, doesn't always work.
I've done that, been there with an alcoholic husband.
I threatened to leave the marriage for five years. they eventually stop believeing you that you'll leave and that it's only words of anger talking.

I had to leave my husband after 18 yrs of marriage and I was afraid to do it too because he was the bread winner. I wasn't working because I was a stay at home mom raising four children. I had no where to go. I had no job and didn't even know what to do for a job being I never went to college.
i got married right out of high school and didn't choose to go to college.

threats only make him feel guiltier. an addict does feel guilty you know?
but guilt does not stop a person enough from being addiction.

I hope that you're able to find a number to call or that you call his doctor.
i wish you the best outcome. I'm hope you're able to get the help for him that he needs.