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I am on day 17 without pain pills (on Suboxone). Today, I got a phone call that my neice is in Chilren's Hospital, battling a bacterial blood infection. She just got out of heart bypass surgery and has a 20% chance of survival (with brain damange, no fingers, and no feet - amputations due to blood poisoning). My neice is 5 years old. When we got to the hospital this afternoon, I had the strongest craving I've had since I started (and one of the ONLY cravings I've had). I worked through it, grieving with my family, and ended up not even taking my 2nd dose of Sub! My problem is, this wil undoubtedly be a long ordeal (we were told several weeks, if she makes it through each night). What if I have more cravings? There are people here who are on Methadone, and others who are still using. How can we all coexist for several weeks without affecting our treatment?

Also, PLEASE pray to God for my little neice. She is only 5 years old. Please, add her to your prayers. They are truly appreciated.

Hi My Name Is Jimmy And I Am In Recovery Myself And New To This Forum?
I Had Ten Years Clean And Relapsed 2 Yrs. Ago .... I Got Sober In November
Of 2007 And Was Put On Suboxone... Its Very Important That You Understand
The Reprocussions Of Getting Off This Med To Quickly? And Heres My Story,
November 6th Of 2007 I Landed In Kennedy Memorial Hospital Out Here In Sewell,wash. Twsp. New Jersey .. I Am Origanally From South Philly In The Italian Market Area... Like I Said I Landed In The Er On The 6th Of November And Had Been On A Run For Over 2 Yrs. With Opiates, Percs/oxys/methadone
Xanaxs Etc. After Taking Many Seizers In The Er I Wind Up Getting Referred To A Dr. That Dispenses Suboxone.. I Wanted To Come Off Of It Around Christmas And The Doctor Said He Would Oblidge... I Started Taking 2ea Of The 8mg Pills Per Day Everything Is Cool .... At About New Years I Try Only Taking One Pill And Tell The Dr. I Am Doing Just Fine And I Was Until I Went Down To A Half Of A 8mg Pill I Woke Up One Day In Late January 08 And Were Going To Start To Taper Off The Subs.... Well Heres The Twist I Got Hit With Panic-attacks, Crying Spells,anxiety Like I Could Never Explain To Anyone And A Fear Of Just About Anything..... I Am A Big Guy Like Almost 6ft.
250 Lbs. But Solid And Have A Great Threshold For Pain... Let Me Tell Ya I Was Like A 3 Yr. Old Child Being Exposed To Traffic In New York At Rush Hour If U Know What I Mean ? I Don't Wish To Scare You, Well Maybe I Should, Cause Here Is How The Doctor? Who Has A Phd In Addicitionology Explained To Me ??? Short & Long Term Use Of Opiates Totally Screws Our Brain Chemistry Up , I Mean Terribly.... Now The Suboxone Fills The Holes Of The Brain Receptors Up Like Golf Balls (for Instance) Filling The Holes Of The Brain Where It Needs ? It Actually Tricks The Brain Into Thinking That Its Getting The Dopamine That The Opiates Provide??? Pretty Interesting Isn't It.... So You Didn't Get Better Overnite? Or In 15-17 Days It's A (process)
Remember You Don't Want To Relapse Because You Ran The Show Again???
You Know What I Mean??? I Am Coming Up On 4 Months Clean/sober And On 1- 8mg Tablet A Day And I Feel Fine? I Probably Will Be On The One Pill For About Another Month Then We Will Try One Half A Pill And See How That Goes....
I Am A Father Of Good 15yr. Old Boy Married With Many Responsibility's And Need To Get Well... Listen To The Doctor And Stay On It As Long As You Have To For The Alternative Is Bleak... I Wish You And You Family Many Blessings
And Remember One Pertinent Thing..... If Your No Good To Yourself ( Staying Clean) , Your Certainly No Good To Your Family Or Others !!!!!

Good Luck & God Bless