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Since you have legitimate pain, you will more than likely need some type of pain relief down the road, so you need to think this through so you don't get incorrectly labeled an "addict." More than likely, you've been taking more pills than normal because you're in pain. Anxiety is a typical side effect of pain as the body is put through lots of stress. Read this board enough, and you'll see that many pain patients are also taking anxiety meds.

From what little info you've provided, it sounds like you're experiencing "tolerance", which is very normal. Do a search through the boards and you'll find posts that deal with long term vs short term meds. You more than likely need some type of long term pain med that eliminates the "ups and downs." Short term pain meds are in and out of your body quickly and put a lot of stress on your body after you've been on them for a while. Previously, they probably worked well and lasted much longer than the 4-6 hr they're advertised for. If you want, click on my handle and search posts that I've written and you'll find detailed writings on the subject. I'd post a link, but this website doesn't allow you to post links.

Long term meds work well, especially for chronic pain patients. Oxycontin, the patch, methadone, and MS contin are some of the most common. The level you out and eliminate the constant pill popping. If the pain is bad enough, then the Doc will Rx you something for "break through" pain to take as needed.

Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.