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Your case is heart breaking because you sound as if you have some legitimate pain. I hope everything ultimately works out for you. How you were busted is really irrelevant, but it's safe to say that someone somewhere became suspicious and did some cross checking. Pharmacists all know each other and somewhere along the line, one talked to another. I'd guess that one of the ones you paid cash for.....Anyone paying cash for narcotics is probably suspicious....Just my guess. But again, all this is irrelevant at this point.

My hope is that a Doc will help you through the withdrawal process....After all, it is a medical condition. If you checked into rehab, they would certainly help you with some type of drugs....either ween you down, with Sub, methadone, or whatever.

As far as your legal trouble goes, I'm not a lawyer, but I do know that most DA's are reasonable when it comes to those in pain who get in trouble. Those purely recreational users are a different story. The fact that you've got a documented medical condition will help a lot. In fact, the more medical documentation you can provide, the better.

Granted, you Doc shopped, but they were valid scripts and you have what appears to be a valid condition. If you were diverting or recreating, it would me much different. I don't want to give you any false hope, but I think you lawyer is probably right.....The drug court is a good and viable option for people like you. In drug court, what typically happens is that the court sets certain conditions....like rehab, counseling, & etc. and if you abide by all the condition, they go fairly easy on you. However, getting into drug court is contingent on being a first offense, no prior record(s), & etc. which sounds like you qualify for based on your attorney statements. The overall mission of drug court is rehabilitation not corporal punishment.

Good luck and hope everything turns out ok.