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Hi, I don't post much. I am sorry to break into this thread but, I am curious about these contracts. I herniated a disc in my back years ago. I opted to not have surgery. After about 8 months of limping around, my doctor sent me to a pain management doctor. It was located at the hospital. I thought I was finally going to get meds that help. I was told. We don't do that here. I was given percocet for 2 weeks. And that was it. Then I went through all kinds of physical therapy. I was all better in 2-3 months.If I was asked to sign a contract, I would have walked out. I had a friend going to a PM doctor.He had to sign a contract. He used an x-ray that was 7 years old from a broken wrist. They gave him all the pills he wanted. Why would someone sign a contract with a doctor? It seems to me that these places that have you sign a contract, are pill mills.Why do they only take cash? They dole out the pills, you get addicted,then they send you next door for sub or methadone. Do any of these contract places do anything else for your pain besides write scripts.I am not trying to offend anyone, please don't misunderstand me. I am very curious. I am clean now for 9 months off 60-70mg of roxicodone per day. I got my pills from a friend that went to one of these contract doctors. He took the methadone they gave him and sold me the roxicodone they also gave him.
Having said all this. My advise would be to find a different (real) Doctor that tries to deal with your pain in other ways.