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Hey, Sorry I didn't reply before about the idea of switching meds. 1 year ago when I began having the back pain, it got worse and worse and they never found a reason through mri so said they think it is muscle related. Could possibly be from stress since the last 2 years of my life have been extremely stressful! Anyway, so I started with the orthopedic doctor who did the mri and gave me a cortisone shot which I loved. It took the pain away but 2 weeks later, the pain was back so I went back in for another shot, I was not on pain meds at this time. I did not want them, I figured since these shots work, yay. Anyway he refused to keep giving me the steroid injections aka cortisone shots and gave me a script for vicodin. Just your basic vicodin that will most likely be prescribed to anyone who goes to the ER for pain in their body. Unless you get the muscle relaxers instead. Point is, it didnt really help but I took them all and called the doctor for more and he said no, I am reffering you to pain managment. I had no idea what pain managment was.. Had never heard of it so I researched it and asked around and it sounded bogus to me. A doctor who is there to prescribe 100's of narcotics and thats it. I was pissed off that my Doctor referred me to a quack because he was giving up on me. That is how I felt until I talked to my bestfriend and he told me that he sees a pain doctor as well and told me to go see his doctor and I did. This Doctor not only gave me prescriptions but we started out with the basic stuff and tried everything.

Lyrica - Not a thing
Lido Derm Patches - Definitely nothing
Tylenol 3 - Nothing
Darvocet - Wayyy too weak...nothing
Vicodin - My body gets nautious on these, Doesnt do well on them
Vicodin ES - Too strong for me, I get dizzy and "high" and want to throw up.
Methadone - Nothing
Oxycontin - Body hates these
Morphine Pills -Too strong, cant deal with feeling high all the time.

None of those worked and one day a friend of mine had vicoprofen and let me try it and it was a miracle pill. It worked for my pain! Finally, Something worked so I told my pain doctor and he said ok, great, I will give you that from now on. The good thing about him is that he makes me get treatment, I get dry needle shots and trigger point injections every week, I spend 3 grand a month at this Doc because I am not insured! I have a brain tumor and every insurance company denies me. Not even Kaiser will take me and I thought they cant deny ANYONE. Thats another issue! Anyway so that is why I stick with Vicoprofen.

I know I said I cant deal with feeling high always and thats because I cant. I cant take things like percocet, I hate strong things like that. Vicoprofen doesnt give me a super high or buzz... Just a good mood. Everything else makes me feel like I just smoked a bowl.

I have to figure it out I know, Im so happy I found this board though. With all of you talking to me and letting me know your bad experiences with health issues and pains and whatever else, it will help me . Id love to hear from you.


Take Care everyone, thanks again!